Custom Hydraulic Oil Tank Fabrication


Internal tank failures can shut down your operations and introduce significant delays and costs as replacements are procured and installed. Advanced cutting can reduce failure rates and keeping operations running smoothly.

Original equipment manufacturers experiencing high internal failure rates on their high-cost hydraulic oil tanks can suffer significant harm to their bottom line. That’s why one OEM turned to Southcross Custom Fabrication to develop a custom tank that would lower production costs, improve lead times and significantly lower internal failure rates.

Working together, Southcross Custom Fabrication and this OEM discussed the nature of the failure rates and developed a plan to solve the problem on the surface and find additional areas for savings.

We employed advanced cutting technology and welding procedures to achieve those goals. Our process used a combination of tab and notch techniques in laser cutting to improve welding fit accuracy plus high-quality laser cutting that eliminated the secondary machining operations our customer currently had to use.

Single-Pass Welding Leads Savings

Working on customer CAD documentation, Southcross Custom Fabrication was able to locate areas where production could be streamlined to reduce cost and production time.

With a single-pass continuous MIG/Pulse welding procedure, production can now finish with only welding seams from the outside of the tank, removing the OEM’s original need to weld seams from both inside and out. This single-pass option was a key method utilized to generate a dramatic cost reduction and we were able to eliminate the safety hazards inherent to welding inside tank seams.

Southcross Custom Fabrication was ultimately able to cut welding time in half, eliminate secondary operations, and provide a further benefit by developing a prime coat process for the inside of the tank.

The Southcross Custom Fabrication Difference

Southcross Custom Fabrication improved manufacturing techniques, resulting in higher quality, lower cost product in less time. “Everybody here loves the tank you have sent,” a Level II Designer told us.

Significant wins we were able to provide our OEM customer included:

  • Achieved first pass 24 hour hydrostatic leak test.
  • Developed cost-effective internal epoxy prime coat process.
  • Solutions for concerns on high-cost, repeat functional test failures.

Southcross Custom Fabrication provides a full-service solution. We can match your capacity needs and improve manufacturing processes in place, all with the goal of lowering your costs. Our capabilities deliver the quality and production capacity that OEMs demand.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with the solutions you are looking for.